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The First Internet Newsgroup Dedicated To Dental Implantology

    Implantology, a free Internet newsgroup, was created in 1998 to advance open communication within the world dental community on all phases of implant dentistry. What is a newsgroup? A newsgroup is an open forum or discussion via e-mail. Subscription to the group is free and open to all dental professionals, laboratories and suppliers. The list is NOT open to the general public. Here you can sit back and relax at your computer, just like in a doctor's lounge, and discuss with other professionals and para-professionals something you love -- implant dentistry.

    Internet use has grown exponentially. As a communication medium, the Internet is available in most countries. In the U. S. 80% of adults are on-line with e-mail the preferred method of communication. The dental implant Internet newsgroup acts as a non-partisan forum, or "town hall", where members worldwide have a free exchange of ideas on implant dentistry. Facts and opinions are equally welcome. Members are encouraged to post questions, discuss techniques, critique products, delve into practice management issues or any other areas of interest pertaining to implant dentistry. Subscription to the list is limited to dental professionals (dentist and auxiliary), suppliers, manufactures and laboratories. The list is formatted in English. All information below is used to qualify the subscriber for membership and is kept confidential.

Subscription is easy and it is FREE. Simply address an e-mail message to and include:

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Thank you and we look forward to your participation.

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